The need for speed!

It’s certainly true that time waits for no man, so reacting quickly to breaking news can pay dividends in making your voice stand out from the crowd.

As experts in digital and social media, Warwickshire-based Red Marlin totally appreciates the speed at which news is digested by switched on consumers. What might be relevant and interesting now, can be totally out-of-date in just a matter of hours.

However, it’s not just on-line where being the hare and not the tortoise is important. Even traditional press releases, although distributed electronically, stand a much better chance of coverage if they are topical and can tie in with what is also going on in the world around them.

For example, Red Marlin has many clients in the automotive sector and the recent, and on-going, record diesel and petrol prices is an area which has provided much ‘fuel for thought’ and opportunities for them to comment on.

There are also events that we know are going to happen and provide opportunities for observation, such as today’s Budget, so be prepared.

Here are a few suggestions as to how to keep up to pace in a fast moving world!

  1. If you have an event provide live Twitter feeds as things unfold.
  2. Keep up-to-date with the news, whether it’s buying a daily newspaper, taking time to browse the internet, or setting up live feeds to your laptop, mobile or tablet.
  3. Know your market. Industry events, often planned well in advance, can provide a goldmine of opportunity to comment and being the first to react will stand you in good stead.

If you need help in taking advantage of such opportunities, then why not gives us a call on 01926 333245 to discuss your needs.

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