Staying the distance

The recent news that Arsene Wenger is leaving Arsenal at the end of the season is a timely reminder that in a fast-moving world it’s increasingly rare for things to remain constant, especially for a considerable length of time as 22 years.

Whether it’s buying a new car, swapping a mobile to the latest model, or more mundane tasks like switching a bank account or home insurance provider, such occurrences are becoming much more frequent whether it’s because consumers want the best value for money, an increase in what is available or simply because they are trying to keep up with the Joneses.

It’s also the same in business as time waits for no man.

Keeping one step ahead of the game is crucial for client retention. Simple things like open, and frequent, communication with your customers can pay dividends in establishing a good working relationship.

It’s even OK to ask your clients what they think you do well and what you do not so well. Addressing any issues is the first step to resolve them.

There are plenty of other ways to achieve high customer retention, such as regular reporting of results achieved, and it’s this approach that means a considerable number of Red Marlin’s accounts have been with the agency for five years or more.

So while Arsene’s long reign is to be applauded it’s still short of Sir Alex Ferguson’s 26 years at Manchester United. Even this pales in comparison to Guy Roux who was manager of French side Auxerre for a mammoth 36 years!

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