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PR Hits & Misses

Jaaagggs, social media faux pas and a viral video, here’s our pick of the week’s PR hits and misses.

HIT – Jaguar


One of the few times that a celebrity ambassador perfectly fits with the image the brand is trying to portray, Jaguar’s marketing team scored a wonder of a goal by securing David Beckham as the brand ambassador for China. Not only is Beckham incredibly popular over there, his reputation as one of the most stylish Brits is the perfect match for the current crop of big cats.

HIT – WREN Clothing


It fooled many people but this week’s viral YouTube hit, ‘First Kiss’ was actually a subtle ad for WREN clothing. It featured strangers kissing for the first time, and a brief nod to the company behind the work at the start. The video costs $1,300 dollars and was viewed about 42 million times! A great example of content marketing or just a sly stunt?

MISS – Tory social media

David Cameron phone selfie

Two social media faux pas from the Conservatives this week. Firstly it was revealed that the Tories had been buying Facebook ‘Likes’ to make their page seem more popular than other parties and politicians. If that wasn’t bad enough, Cameron faced Twitter ridicule from a host of celebrities and others for posting this very serious phone selfie. 

MISS – Noah


The latest ‘historical’ epic from Russell Crowe came under fire this week. The film is set to be banned in The UAE, Qatar and Bahrain as it breaks Islam’s taboo of depicting a prophet.

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