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Event Planning Check List – PR, marketing and branding

Event management is a detailed and extensive task which requires forward planning and a well-structured schedule. The first step is usually choosing the venue and checking availability, and this may well dictate the time scale for the rest of the preparations.

At Red Marlin we have recently arranged a number of events, among them the TyreSafe Awards, the launch of new classic car auction house CCA, the Autogas Ltd rebrand launch, and the NEC Classic media day. To help with your planning, we have put together a check list of some of the essential elements you will need to decide and arrange in advance.

Some very important tasks that you need to start with:
•    Select an event committee and event manager
•    Establish event goals and objectives
•    Establish a budget and keep track of all costings
•    Look into sponsorship opportunities
•    Investigate the need for any special permits, licenses, insurance, etc. for the event

•    Venue of appropriate size and location
•    Catering (you will need an idea of how many people will attend)
•    Parking (again you will need an idea of how many people will attend)
•    Celebrity guest appearance and VIP invites
•    Extra staff – security, parking attendants, hospitality, stewards, first aid etc.
•    Special equipment – sound, lighting, microphones
•    Event information flyers including schedule of events, site map, useful information etc.

PR, press, marketing and advertising:
•    Pre-event marketing and promotion
•    Pre-event advertising
•    Press Invites
•    Press Packs including editorial content
•    Available press room or exclusive area
•    Film crew and/or photographers
•    Branding including banners, signage, posters, wristbands etc.

Overall, the sooner you start planning the better. Whether it will take weeks or months depends upon the size of the event. But without a doubt the success of an event relies heavily on awareness and exposure, both prior and post event, whether to bring in the crowds or announce results and success.

If you need tailored PR and marketing strategy you’re welcome to give us a call on 01926 832395 and speak to a member of our team.

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