Does your business need a PR MOT?

It’s only a few weeks until my car undergoes its annual MOT.

I’ve been lucky for the past few years as just a few minor faults needed fixing, hardly denting my pocket.

But as MOT time fast approaches, I’m left wondering what unknown problems could surface, ending my run of good luck.

To some extent, what might go wrong with my car is out of my hands. Of course, I regularly check the oil, water, tyre pressure, etc, but I’m not a mechanic so unseen faults leading to MOT failure are beyond my expertise.

And that’s exactly why we have MOTs. To check the car thoroughly and make sure it is safe to drive.

I would suggest to also treat your business like a car and give it a good inspection at least once a year, take the opportunity to stand back and ask some fundamental questions as to how it operates.

Among these are your public relations activities.

Perhaps the biggest question of all –  does your company have a good reputation?

If there’s any doubt about this then the cause could be just one thing or a culmination of factors. For instance, is it because you fair unwell compared to competitors, lag behind the times in how you interact with existing and potential customers, or simply have had a bad time in the press?

Other questions to consider include what is your company known for? What is its future direction?

Whatever the fundamental considerations, Red Marlin can be your ‘mechanics’ and look underneath the bonnet of your company to see what needs fixing in your public relations activity, quickly ensuring that you’re back on the road again to future success.

If you’d like to discuss your PR requirements (or to find out how my MOT went!), then we’d love to hear from you.

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