Will Facebook have to look itself in the mirror?

Speculation is rife that Mark Zuckerberg will run for US President in 2020, although it is firmly denied by him.

However, it begs the question of the influence that Facebook (already mired in controversy following the last Presidential election) might have in the campaign.

If the Chairman, co-founder and CEO of Facebook throws his hat in the political ring, how will Facebook react?

Already many observers and electors believe that Facebook has the power to alter elections, so if its co-founder is running for the highest political office in the world then that is potentially a very tricky hornet’s nest.

So, for all neutrals transparency must be key, as for many, its algorithms and advertising features are already a mystery.

As one leading commentator points out, Facebook must be regulated like the broadcast medium that it now is, and further, that Zuckerberg should be leading the charge for meaningful transparency if his intentions are political.

Let’s face it, the idea that Zuckerberg could be the next US President really isn’t that far-fetched following the result in 2016 (and the less said about that the better).

Of course, if Mark is looking for PR and social media specialists to help run his potential election campaign, then Red Marlin would love to hear from him. I’m sure we could squeeze him in.


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