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Top tips for community management

When it comes to cultivating strong and long-lasting relationships with your fan / client base, community management can be an invaluable weapon. However, like any aspect of social media strategy it is crucial to make sure that community management is done in a way that is effective for your brand.  

Here are some top tips for how you can utilise community management to grow and strengthen your brand:  

Regularly engage 

Consistency is key, to develop an engaged fan base it is important that you are an active presence within your online community. This includes frequently responding to consumer comments on posts as well as being proactive in replying to inquiries. Consumers should feel confident that they will be able to reach you and have their voices heard.  

Community management can be an easy area to neglect within your social media strategy but its impact can be just as profound as creating effective content – you never know what relationships you might form! 


The human element of community management is at the heart of its success, in many ways, community management is a socially active branch of customer service with consumers searching for authentic and considerate treatment. 

Showing a human side to your brand through personalised responses and taking the time to treat consumers as individuals can make them feel valued and create loyalty within your online community.  

Listen to your community 

Take the time to hear what your community has to say, if you’re receiving input that something isn’t working, work to rectify it and don’t dismiss the feedback. Community input can also help to determine your future content as once trust has been established, your community will be vocal about what they want to see.  


Keep exploring new and innovative ways to connect with your community, the more you learn about your audience, the more you can exploit new ideas to keep your community unified and expanding. 

Your forms of communication may develop, dependent on factors such as the industry, the direction of your brand and new forms of technology. Remaining stagnant and stilted can be detrimental to your brand in the eyes of your consumers. 

Want to improve the quality of your community management? Get in touch at to find out how we can help you! 

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