Small is beautiful – choosing the right agency for you

We are a small agency and we pride ourselves on it.  We have personality, we care about our work, and we value our clients highly.

We believe that our size and the way we work offers a lot of benefits to our clients. When choosing an agency there are a lot of criteria to consider, but remember that bigger isn’t always better, and here’s why.

A personal service
When you hire a small agency the team you meet on pitch day will probably be the same people working with you on your account. In other words, you won’t be handed over to a junior member of staff when work commences, so you can trust that you really are getting what, and who, you are expecting.

Individual attention
Your account is likely to receive a great deal of individual attention at a small agency. At larger agencies it’s common for employees to be responsible for dozens of clients. This dilutes the degree of time and thought that can be dedicated to you and your project. Smaller agencies have fewer clients allowing each employee to become fully focused on every aspect of their client’s needs.

You are valued
As a small agency we will naturally have fewer clients than a large agency. This makes it particularly important to us to keep clients happy, so a small agency is highly invested in its clients and forming strong relationships.

Smaller agency = better value for money
The larger agency obviously has larger expenses in terms of rent, salaries, and particularly high-priced executives, and that’s part of what you, the client, are paying for. The smaller agency may have only a few people on the payroll working from a modest office. These savings transfer straight back to you, giving you great value for money.

Going the extra mile
Despite the resources that a large agency may have, a small agency like us will always be willing to go the extra mile for their clients. At Red Marlin we offer a 24/7 virtual press office so you can speak to us whenever you need to.

A team without boundaries
If a campaign or strategy has elements beyond our day to day expertise, we have a network of tried and tested partners and freelancers at our fingertips. We can select the best team for the job from professionals, and these extra resources are only sourced when needed, making it a cost efficient approach.

An extension to your team
We see ourselves as an extension to your team. We want to become your strategic and tactical advisors and influencers to bring a public relations dimension to the important decisions you make.

If you now think that a small agency is right for you we’d love to chat to you about the services we have to offer and the ways we can work with you. You can call us on 01926 832395, email us at, or tweet @RedMarlinPR.

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