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Red Marlin all set to make sparks fly

Automotive and e-mobility public relations specialists, Red Marlin, has been appointed by Spark EV Technology to lead and deliver its communications strategy as it seeks to accelerate adoption of electric vehicles.

Red Marlin will support Spark EV’s ambitious growth plans as it rolls out its AI technology which provides highly accurate, personalised range prediction for electric vehicles of all sizes from e-bikes to EV trucks giving users the confidence to know exactly how far they can travel on a single charge.

Current range predictions provided by some vehicle manufacturers can be over 100% inaccurate, meaning many motorists remain hesitant about going fully electric when choosing their next vehicle. Spark EV’s technology has the power to increase electric vehicle sales and utilisation of other electrified mobility, helping to significantly reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality on a global scale.

Liam O’Neill, commercial director at Red Marlin, said: “This is a very timely account for us. The race is on to dramatically reduce the emissions from transport, improve air quality and meet challenging environmental targets around the world. The Red Marlin team are thrilled to be working with a company that has such an enormous potential to influence how we travel in the future.”

Justin Ott, founder and CEO at Spark EV, said: “Spark EV is a technology company with a goal of removing range anxiety, one of the key barriers to mass adoption of e-mobility. Our technology will play a crucial role in the mass uptake of electrified mobility, from passenger cars to trucks, and from e-bikes to e-scooters.

“We are pleased to be collaborating with Red Marlin to boost our brand awareness and explain to potential partners exactly what we do and how we can help them. The agency’s wealth of knowledge and industry presence is the perfect match for us which will help us become more familiar to motorists as well as vehicle manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers.”

To find out more about the PR and marketing expertise and services offered by Red Marlin, get in touch via Meanwhile, to find out more about Spark EV, visit

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