4643 Quality content matters now more than ever

Quality content matters now more than ever

With official statistics showing that online retail sales now make up a third of all transactions, brands need to stand out more than ever through quality online content.

Indeed, with reports of record months for website orders as retailers expand their internet presence, businesses ignoring the importance of interesting, informative and topical content for SEO purposes, do so at their own peril.

And while the growing number of online sales is no doubt due to lockdown, it potentially marks a fundamental shift in how people shop, preferring the ease, safety and comfort of their own homes to make their purchasing decisions.


Why is quality content important?

Well written, concise and informative content provides many benefits.

Most obviously it provides more content for your website and, in turn, more information for your customers, allowing for greater interaction.

However, it also boosts SEO performance as Google rewards unique and fresh content.

Meanwhile, it provides the opportunity for more referral traffic by sharing on other websites and on social channels.

By providing greater online visibility, your brand awareness will grow and you will build strong customer relationships while positioning your business as a go-to source.

Not only this, content marketing is incredibly cost effective and the bottom line is that it can bring more traffic to your website.


What is quality content?

Good quality content has a goal.

It should take the customer on a journey, provide useful and informative information about your company, product and services to help them make a purchasing decision.

However, it also provides the opportunity to educate customers about wider issues connected to your sector.

Great content can also stand the test of time, and perhaps most importantly, make people return to your website time-and-time again coming back for more.

On a practical level, remember to check:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Formatting e.g., including sub headers and bullet points
  • Readability, e.g., how it flows
  • Opportunities for engagement
  • Visual appeal, e.g., include video or infographics if appropriate


Need help?
The team at Red Marlin are experts at producing engaging digital content. We can provide individual services or a total package for your content requirements. Email and we’ll be in touch.

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