Four ways to spot the next big news story

Four ways to spot the next big news story

When it comes to PR yesterday’s news is no news so it’s vital to stay one step ahead of the competition. It’s little use issuing a press release in response to an event or issue after it has broken cover. The trick for successful public relations, and to getting your press releases noticed by journalists, is to know what the next big news story will be or working to dictate the news agenda.

This is far simpler than it sounds. All it takes is a little detective work and preparation to make sure your news is on trend.

1. Immerse yourself in the business

PR professionals should have a good grasp of the businesses they’re representing and understand the media landscape in which they operate. Take the automotive world. What’s the fuel of the future? Which new models are people talking about? Who’s the new whizz kid? You don’t have to be an automotive mastermind but a little knowledge helps when trying to pinpoint the latest industry buzz.

2. Study hard

Research into key journalists and the development of the stories they are writing about will help you find relevant news from your business to pitch into them. Dissect your business’s products and services to see what parts fit with which journalist.

3. Chill out

Taking time to read over the stories that are bubbling in the background may seem a timely indulgence but will pay dividends when it comes to spotting the next big issue. Are these stories relevant to your business? Do you have an opinion or expertise on them? You could help drive the news agenda on these issues if you act swiftly.

4. Take note

Always document developments and potential media contacts and this will help you keep on top of your media relations and get your press releases to the right people, saving you precious time and money.

Following these steps will make you and your business more media savvy and give your PR the edge over the competitors. If you need a hand developing your media relations then get in touch with us, tweet us @RedMarlinPR, email or call us on 01926 832395.




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