Top 10 tips for writing top 10 advice lists

Today, over 5.5 billion Google searches are made every day around the world. The reality is, we all ask for help!

This is why advice blogs and tutorials make for such effective web content to boost your visibility and web traffic, and if you’re not tapping into the questioning public looking for answers, you’re missing a trick.

Let’s look at some of the most asked question on Google:

“What is my ip?” – the most asked question in the world.

“What is Brexit?” – the second most Googled news event of 2016

Other questions that make the most asked list include: “how to write a cover letter”, “how to download youtube videos,” “how to start a business”, “how much is my car worth?”, “what is a meme?”, “how to use snapchat” etc.

Whether its world news, IT queries, recipes, celebrity trivia or specialised skills, the most asked questions offer an opportunity to provide the most wanted answers.

How to create your own top 10 advice list

1. Choose a topic that is related to your brand or business. Then think of the most obvious questions people ask, as this will be a more searched topic.

2. Keep it brief. The title “Top 10 ways to take better photos” will attract more clicks than “Everything I learnt about taking photos last year”. People want a quick fix!

3. Keep it simple. Avoid excessive detail, it can complicate the advice unnecessarily.

4. Use imagery. Take inspiration from wikiHow’s step by step guides, which combine step by step images with caption.

5. Take an interest in Google Trends. Use Google Trends to see what the most popular topics are and where possible, tailor your content to suit.

6. Consider using video. Short lists are easy to consume, but watching a quick advice video is even easier.

7. Use lots of SEO friendly words. Lots of topic-relevant vocabulary will boost your SEO and therefore your ranking and visibility in search results.

8. Don’t use filler bullet points, as this is poor quality. If your list is a “top 7” or “top 11” that’s ok.

9. Don’t spend all day writing your list. One benefit of the list is the potential web referrals, the other is that its short and simple nature saves time for content creators.

10. Keep creating more lists! By offering good advice more frequently you can build a following more quickly.


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