Autobutler was founded in Denmark in 2010 and had quickly grown into Swedish and German markets before arriving in the UK in early 2014.

The company wanted to work with a PR agency that understood the UK automotive sector, with the knowledge and contacts to get it noticed. Red Marlin was the natural choice.

We created a detailed PR programme to drive home the message that Autobutler’s fresh and innovative concept was set to bring new energy to the UK aftermarket, offering workshop businesses the opportunity to grow online.

In less than three months we generated over 50 pieces of UK trade press coverage for Autobutler.

We built a great profile and contributed to its success in signing up more than 1,000 workshop members significantly ahead of target – which in turn meant it could go live to consumers six months earlier than it had originally planned.


More than 50 pieces of UK B2B and trade coverage in three months.


More than 1,000 workshop members signed up to Autobutler in three months.


“Really great work… Autobutler PR UK rocks!”

Peter Michael Oxholm Zigler, Co-founder, Partner, Autobutler