Leamington agency makes purr-fect partner for classic car specialist

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20th June 2019 Achieving widespread media coverage and interest from around the globe, a Warwickshire-based PR agency, Red Marlin, has played a pivotal role in the sale of one of the world’s most significant collections of historic Jaguar cars. The multi-million pound ‘Jaguar Sports Car Collection’, which contained 12 of the most significant Jaguars of [...]

Insight into trends in the gift experience industry

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Gift experiences are on a rapid surge, whether it’s driving a supercar or booking a city break. Red Marlin asked Jason Hope at TrackDays.co.uk, a leading provider of gift experiences, for his thoughts on why more-and-more people prefer a gift experience rather than a physical product. Why are more-and-more people booking gift experiences over buying [...]

Spring clean your public relations activity

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Spring is the perfect opportunity to get out the vacuum cleaner, duster and glass spray and give the house, or office, a thorough once over. But cleaning activity at this time of year should not be limited to domestic chores. The same attention to detail should be given to any public relations activity. It will [...]

Red Marlin’s not so foolish campaign!?

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Leamington Spa based public relations agency Red Marlin is campaigning to give the 1st of every month the same status as April Fools’ Day. In a far too serious world, it believes that one day every month given over to practical jokes and hoaxes will have huge economical and social benefits. Indeed, it’s a proven [...]

Insight into the future of parking

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Car parking is a daily fact of life for millions of motorists but what does the future look like for car owners? Red Marlin asked Charles Cridland, technical director at online parking portal YourParkingSpace.co.uk, for his thoughts. Is how people book parking changing?   The internet has transformed how people do most things, whether it’s [...]

Very contented content

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So, you want to populate your website with content to help build links and engage with customers. At first glance it would appear a daunting task, but a few simple steps will ensure your content is fit for purpose. What content is correct for my website? To answer this, you need to know who your [...]

How to maximise your presence at motor shows

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The Geneva Motor show begins later this week and is one of the prime locations for companies to exhibit their new products, from small parts manufacturers all the way up to the latest high tech hyper cars of the future. With international motor shows such as Geneva it can be easy to be swept up [...]

Race Retro 2019: Classic motor sport right on our doorstep

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Red Marlin had the pleasure of attending the fantastic Race Retro 2019 show, right on our doorstep in Stoneleigh, Warwickshire this past weekend. The event was filled with classic cars and retro motorsport action, with thousands of classic car enthusiasts in attendance. A number of famous faces appeared on the Motor Sport Live Stage including [...]