Benefits of entering an award

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Entering the right business award can have multiple benefits for your organisation, whether your business is firmly established and employs hundreds of staff or if it has just started out and you are a sole trader. Here’s why entering an appropriate award is good for your business, whether you win or not. It helps increase [...]

How to optimise your YouTube videos

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One third of all online activity is spent watching videos with YouTube ranking as the second largest search engine on the internet, after Google. But with so much content, how will your video be found and gain views? This can all be achieved once you know how to optimise your channel and uploads! Present day [...]

Is YouTube the next Google?

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While many of us think of YouTube and Google as very different platforms with very different offerings, the reality is that today the two are more similar than you might think. In an era when video is the preferred medium for consuming information, internet users are increasingly turning to YouTube with their ‘how to’, ‘what [...]

Beating the writer’s block

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We all know the feeling. You’re working to a tight deadline, the client is breathing down your neck waiting for a press release you’re writing, and you have nothing. No matter what you try you can’t string the sentences together, nothing makes sense, your brain is empty. It’s like somebody has stolen your imagination, you [...]

How to hold a storming brainstorming session

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Red Marlin is an ideas factory packed with inspired individuals who are overflowing with creative juices – always looking for innovative approaches and concepts for its clients. But such an outpouring of inspiration is sometimes only possible thanks to a full-on brainstorming session, where everyone’s input is equally valued. However, proper planning beforehand and a [...]

A Classic weekend for team Red Marlin

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Red Marlin’s team of PR and digital specialists was in the thick of the action last weekend at Silverstone circuit as it helped a number of clients make the most of their presence at the Silverstone Classic Festival. As the world’s biggest classic motor racing festival, the event attracted more than 100,000 visitors across three [...]

How to deal with a PR nightmare

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Every so often something comes along that you aren’t expecting, be it a bad review, a product failure or even a key figurehead having a public outburst. If not addressed publicly, they can do irreparable damage to your company, clients and reputation within the industry. There are many different ways to address a public scandal, [...]

Turn up the PR heat

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Phew what a scorcher! The never-ending heatwave is definitely making everyone happier than normal, especially for workers who normally suffer great weather during the working week which then takes the inevitable turn for the worse at the weekend. What’s also guaranteed to generate a fantastic feelgood factor is some positive PR. So, while others are [...]

Don’t get ahead of yourself

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After England’s 6-1 win over Panama in the World Cup last weekend the entire nation sang in a chorus of Baddiel and Skinners ’96 classic ‘Football’s coming home’.  “We’re going to win the big one for sure,” they claimed. Now whilst I admit I am not the resident expert on the beautiful game here at [...]